Are you ready for your inspection? Myths and FACTS

Are you ready for your inspection?

If you were inspected between July 2013 and July 2016 you will be now ‘back in the pot’

How do you feel about the impending call..the knock at your door or the new visitor in your setting?

I recognise all of those scary moments. With a good few inspections under my belt within previous roles as Group manager, I understand the whole feeling of the preparation and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed and anxious.

Since then during my early year’s inspector days I was nervous too as an inspector just as you probably are. My husband used to wish me good luck before I headed out the door.

There are many myths surrounding inspections which are continually being spoken about upon social media… aah..Good old social media!

Here are a few which I have heard and want to put the facts straight.

When I hear people say:

‘What’s the current theme of Ofsted, what are they focusing on this month’

This is a myth....there are no themes, no new focuses except if there was new legislation then this would have an impact on the inspection ....obvious…...right?

‘They are in the area’

This is a myth..... Ofsted are in all areas ….All of the time, they do not focus on just one area. FACT

‘The SEF is been scrapped’

This is a myth..... However self-evaluation is important to show how you are improving in your setting. It does not necessarily need to be the format that you put on the portal but it does need to be something which you can demonstrate how you reflect on your practice.

‘I can’t access my SEF on the portal, it means the inspector is looking at it’

This is a myth... it means the portal is just having a blip.... ! We all have those, don’t we?

There are many other scare mongering statements and these really do not help you.

They unnerve you and cause much upset and anxiety... please stop reading and listening to them.

This is where Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy is able to help. We want to help you put the pieces together, we know children’s future’s matter and we want you to show the IMPACT you have on children.

We are now able to offer three different types of Quality Improvement Inspections (QII) which will be bespoke to your setting.

These will be carried by an Early Years Consultant who has inspector and  settings experience. They will be able to advice and share their findings with you in way which will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

One manager said

Well I would like to thank Vanessa for her inspiration!! She helped us with our mock inspection giving us the vision to bring our 2 settings together !And with this we have received an outstanding grade - yes we smashed it !! I cannot recommend Vanessa enough!! Let’s her see your environment with a fresh pair of eyes - a new perceptive!’

Let us help you put the pieces together.