BE UNIQUE #JustQuality

Be unique 

What would you say to your younger self if you ever had the chance... apart from the usual things you would say like make life count as you have no idea what’s round the corner

For me I know I would say….

Always be true to unique

Being unique can mean one thing so nobody can compare themselves to you. You are an individual and with that comes your quirks and your  idiosyncrasies that enable you to be you.. just you 

Being individual..why is that important? 

Every child is different, just like every early’ s practitioners and settings. So let’s take this as an advantage and show how we can shine in our setting 

The #JustQuality ADDING IMPACT  Accredited Award will enable you to just do that.

We will never prescribe a certain way of doing things just as long as you are able to show the IMPACT you are making on children’s learning and development including all areas of teaching and learning, personal development behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children. 

Not only with our children do we need to show the journey but also with our practitioners and the setting itself. This award is a holistic way of writing your own learning story. 

These will be shown in the 6 IMPACTS







Your uniqueness will make you 

#JustQuality ADDING IMPACT Accredited Award 

With 52 CPD credits ❤️

You will work through your own journey with guidance from our #JustQuality Assessor as your mentor and in month 12 you will receive a visit where your assessor will inspect your setting to see if you have achieved the award.