When was the last time you had FUN?

What a question?

Do you ever look at your day and feel it’s a tick box exercise to get to the end?

When was the last time you felt you had fun at work?

When was the last time you felt children had fun?

Now’s the time to sit back and reflect...it won’t hurt..take a day and just watch what is going on around you in your setting? 


Take deep breaths and just watch...1.....2....3

After doing a Quality Improvement Inspection I was asked why can’t the children have just plain good old fashioned fun? 


Hmmm... they can it’s us that feel they are not...

Although speaking to the staff they felt the day was a huge checklist and they were robots. 

Recognise this🤔

  1. Set up for the day ensuring all areas of EYFS are covered

  2. Welcome children into the setting

  3. Circle time and register

  4. Check planning

  5. Do an observation

  6. Prepare for snack

  7. Prepare for outside

  8. Prepare for lunch

  9. Prepare for sleep time

  10. Prepare for snack time

  11. Check planning

  12. Do an observation

  13. Prepare for tea time

  14. Prepare for home time

  15. Clear up

  16. And breathe

Then it all starts again

Does it feel like Groundhog Day?


Why don’t you try this for one day only and see what you feel and achieve from it... 

# Make today the day you just stop and watch 

# What harm can it do?

# What are you scared off? Are you scared because you haven’t ticked off Development matters checklist

#Just spend time communication to the children ... that’s it. 


You know the children better than anyone. You know how they learn, you know their interests . Through the art of communication you can extend children’s learning with their next steps. Do you need a targeted activity which ticks an area of the EYFS to do this...be realistic? Through your exceptional conversational skills children can learn any area of the learning. 

Just take one day ...scary thought..but the children and you might get more from it than you anticipated 

What harm can it do to just enjoy each other’s company ? 

Go on..make today that day you have FUN 😁