Education inspection framework’s all about impact

After the initial draft being released of the Education Inspection Framework I took some time with my highlighter ( I am a visual reader) to have a good read and highlight the changes ready for the consultation ending in April and be ready for September 2019 when the new framework comes into force.

Those of you who know me and had the pleasure of my quality Improvement inspections will know I go constantly rant on about the word much so we have know created our our #justquality adding impact accredited award where you will be able to demonstrate this in your reflective floor books. 

The word IMPACT has been engraved in my brain thanks to my senior inspector who had patience of a saint when I sent my reports in... yes Vanessa they read well but WHAT it is the impact..?

So I am delighted to see the idea of a move within the revised framework for providers to demonstrate impact rather than outcomes. 

If I could wave my cheer leading Pompoms I would right now. 

So don’t be disheartened with the the new 




headings..these are there to help you. 

So how do you show IMPACT? 

Are you able to demonstrate this on a consistent basis ? If not why not? 

Needing some help with demonstrating this why not give us a shout.. 

When you firmly believe everything happens  for a reason the #justquality adding impact Accredited award seems to have come at the right time.

Message us if we can help you prepare for the future, prepare you to be on board the adding impact journey and share your settings story 

Email is on to find out more