Make today the day you want to make CHANGE

Do you ever get those days when you don't know who to turn to for help?

Do you feel when you finally ask for help you don't get the answer but just more confusion than you had before? 

This happens so frequently as there are so many departments with your local Children's services team , which one to call and when you finally get through you are put on hold listening to the music that is just on repeat :-(  

Jigsaw EYC was born to help you with all those questions.

With years of experience in Early Years, knowledge of the inspection process from both perspectives as a setting group manager and as an inspector as well as a qualified instructor in safeguarding, an OUTSTANDING lecturer in FE and HE and now a NEUROSCIENCE CHAMPION we are here to help you with all your questions. 

We deliver exceptionally training which can be bespoke to you and your setting ...please see testimonial in Nursery World regarding our CURIOSITY ignites LEARNING training with the use of our vintage Curiosity Cases which provoke thoughts, discovery and investigation.

What better way to ensure children are being creative and thinking critically!

We also provide the service QUALITY IMPROVEMENT INSPECTIONS. These are not just just the run of the mill MOCK inspections. We constantly advice and ensure that you are ready for that day, we are here to support you so you are ready to show what IMPACT you make to children's lives. 

Want some help? Check out our testimonials on the website.

Book a FREE call to us on 07788474147 to chat about your needs.. we are here to ease the worry. 

Make today the day you want to make CHANGE.. 

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