Are you ready for your inspection online programme

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Are you ready for your inspection?…..

Accredited Online programme for the whole team approach


Course Reviews

Sally Wright - The Ark Childminding

Why has this only just been created? This is a fantastic programme which helps to consolidate all you need to know in one place and helps promote an ethos of reflective practice. I have been working through this online programme, just popping in and out when I get a few moments. That is the first big plus as the process of doing small snippets of CPD works really well for me…

Carla Blackburn, Tinklebugs Childcare

With all the worries of what an Ofsted inspections brings I signed up for Are you ready for your inspection? programme. I am so pleased I did! The programmer talks you through everything you need to be ready for an inspection. It works perfectly with the book also written by Vanessa. I loved the fact that the programme had been written for everybody in the team…


Roseville Childcare, Whitby

Having just registered my newest setting and knowing inspection is imminent, it was the perfect time to access the Are You Ready for Inspection online program. I am blown away at how informative and knowledgable vanessa is. This is her forte and her passion shines through. I cannot stress enough how her experience as an inspector is invaluable…

JA Happy House Childminding

After receiving outstanding previously - I find we are under more pressure when Ofsted is due.T he online programme has eased my concerns and will help my whole team. It covers everything that you should be doing within your setting on an every day basis and not just when Ofsted are due, so we shall personally use it as a…