Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual

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Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual

Why is the manual so amazing?

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How prepared are you for your Early Years Inspection?

Do you need help getting your whole team to work together?

Are you having trouble feeling ready for your inspection?

Introducing the second edition of the “Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual”

A Binder with the words Are You Ready For Your Inspection on the front.

Packed with a
HUGE collection of over 60 essential compliance documents and 500-pages of information. This MUST-HAVE manual is a necessity for any Early Years Settings!

Delve into a wide range of inspection toolkits including:

⭐ What to do Before The Inspection – 4 Documents

⭐ Evaluations – 8 Documents

⭐Leadership and Management – 5 Documents

⭐Quality of Education – 8 Documents

⭐ Behaviour and Attitudes – 3 Documents

⭐ Personal Development – 3 Documents

⭐ Safeguarding – 5 Documents

⭐ Questionnaires – 3 Documents

⭐ Staff – 10 Documents

⭐ Training – 9 Documents

⭐ Other Resources, including a BRAND NEW Education Inspection Framework Audit – 6 Documents

All documents are in an easy to access binder.

For those of you who bought our older edition of the Manual in 2021, you will be happy to know that not only does this revised Manual contain up-to-date and relevant information but it also has over 25 new documents that were not included in the past edition (These are worth over £350)

The ‘Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual’ is the ultimate collection of toolkits to ensure organisation, preparation and compliance in your setting.

It is your secret weapon to inspection success!

Check Out An Example Below!

What’s not to love? I was sceptical as it seemed a lot of money to invest in a simple manual – how wrong was I? The time it saves me pays for it many times over & the peace of mind knowing I don’t have to scrabble around researching is brilliant. Thank you Jigsaw from a very stressed nursery owner 🙂

Barbara, Nursery Manager

“We have received ours and it is AMAZING; so much information and every angle is covered, I feel so much more confident with this in my corner – it is like having Team Jigsaw give you personal coaching!”


Jodie, Nursery Owner

‘This product is a game-changer, offering a wealth of invaluable resources that have made my life so much easier. It has saved countless hours of effort with many tools and templates. I am genuinely grateful for this time-saving gem and highly recommend it to anyone seeking an efficient and streamlined workflow.”

John, Preschool Manager