It’s not very often that I rant in a public space, but after the last few months, I feel like I need to get this off my chest… and why you may ask?

On top of being a former Ofsted Inspector, I am also a qualified safeguarding instructor; I have recently updated my qualification to ensure that my knowledge is as up-to-date as possible.

We deliver our own Safeguarding and DSL training here at JigsawEYC and we have done this for the last 6 years; each course is always fully booked. However, we have noticed that DSL training has been going crazy since coming back. We’ve had to start doing these monthly to ensure everyone can book one. Yet, our standard safeguarding training has been a real slow burner.

This got me thinking about why this is. I realised that it is because the team are doing their training as an online course. The issue I find with this is that it is not adding impact. It is so easy for the staff to click through this training, complete a quick questionnaire at the end, and say they’ve done it. But have they learned anything?

Now, we have our own online courses and I’m not saying they are not helpful, because they are for some things, but for something as crucial as Safeguarding, I don’t think they hit the mark. You can learn so much more doing face-to-face training by being able to ask questions and liaise with other settings. The more involved you get in the training, the more you get out of it. But it is so much harder to engage with a screen than it is to engage with someone who has been in your shoes before.

Think about first aid; for example, this must be done in person to ensure that the staff know enough to be able to keep their peers and children safe. So why isn’t the same done for Safeguarding? Is it any less important? No, they both keep children safe with the ever-increasing concerns and cases we have been seeing. It is clear that Safeguarding is just as important as first aid, so I have to ask… Why are we putting staff on training that is not adequate for their role?

This is a short and sweet rant, but please, can you ensure that your staff’s training is adequate and adds impact?