With just 1 day to go we cannot tell you how excited we are for our 2nd Hampshire Early Years Conference, Exploring the Power of Play.

The venue is ready, lunch booked, cake selected but not yet tried…waiting for Saturday for that little treat and our incredible keynote speaker and workshop wonders poised, prepared and ready to give 160 delegates a day they won’t forget.

Vanessa will open with her unique, humorous and heartfelt welcome, who doesn’t love a Dooley ditty to get us all hyped up?

We are thrilled and honoured that Denita Dinger is our keynote speaker, a defender of the joyful and valuable learning that occurs in child-led play and for those of you unfamiliar with her work, be prepared to be enthused, encouraged and inspired.

In between a day of learning, networking and total inspiration from the workshops you have chosen to attend, we have refreshments, lunch and afternoon tea…..if nothing else you will definitely go home with a full tummy! 

We cannot wait to see you all so make sure you are ready to register from 0900 hours where our wonderful Ambassadors will greet you and hand you your registration card and a reminder of the workshops you have signed up for. We have also had a little chat to Mother Nature and she assures us that there will be no rain first thing, we are doing everything we can to make this day perfect for you

Now we can’t write a blog without mentioning the incredible cause we will be raising money for:

Simon Says is a charity that supports child bereavement and this year the charity will be incredibly personal so please, we ask that you bring some pennies to buy raffle tickets and help us raise an amazing amount of money and beat last years total. The prizes will not disappoint and although we don’t have an all-expenses-paid 2 week holiday to the Caribbean, we do have a mud kitchen, (who doesn’t want one of those in their setting?), a #JQ package, Magical Moments box and much more…..

For anyone reading this blog who isn’t attending the conference in the South…don’t despair! We have one in Manchester at the end of February and there are a couple of spaces left. Alistair Bryce-Clegg is our keynote speaker there and he most definitely is someone who will inspire and motivate you.

It’s a new year, have you lost a little bit of sparkle and fire in your belly? For those of you in the Manchester area, or anywhere in the country for that matter, (a team-building weekend away sounds like a great opportunity for bonding over a cheeky little gin) sign up now!

It’s a day out to network with others in our industry and to be inspired again by Alistair and our brilliant workshops. Boys Play Tuff, Magic of Loose Parts, Adult Mental Health and Well-Being, Sensory Stories and Empowering Children with the Gift of Control.

Finally, a massive thank you to Denita, Carly, Sally, Kate and Topanga for sharing their knowledge, experience and time with us, we are honoured.

To our wonderful Ambassadors who will be taking the time to help us make the day run smoothly, we couldn’t do it without you. To Kings Community Church and Georgi who have facilitated our needs and demands and come up trumps, thank you and last but by no means least, Vanessa Dooley, the one person who just never gives up!

Thank you too, to all of you for taking time on a Saturday to be with us, we cannot wait to see you all, it’s going to be a great day xx