Having a testimonial written in Nursery World about one of our unique courses made me think about who we are..

Who I am? 

Everyone has a service they are able to offer others... 

Whether  it’s a service to parents about looking after their children

Or a service to children to provide a variety of experiences they are able  to develop and thrive on 

Or a service to others to share  ideas or practice and be part of that sharing is caring environment. 

In my remit we offer to help others who need a little motivation, inspiration or just ignition to the fire in their belly ..oh how I love doing that last one! 

One thing we have to remember is we need to be true to ourselves. 

Who are we and what we are really about? 

When was the last time you asked yourself that?

I listened to Lisa Nichols journey today... check it out if you haven’t... mind-blowing... one thing I will take from this is ...


I like me... you need to start loving yourself and being UNIQUE to your true self and not follow the crowd, be part of your own journey and shine ... you are you and I am me... 

We are all different and offer different skills set, different roles, different feelings and emotions.... let us all come together and make Early Years the best it possibly can. If it wasn’t for each and everyone of us... would those tiny acorns grow into big oak trees? 

It’s time to sparkle, it’s time to shine, it’s time to be true to ourselves 

It’s time to be YOU

Be unique and make the difference